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 Relationships, unrequited love, adultery, parenting, work, stress, trauma, kinship trouble.
Problems that can not be said to anyone, we will solve it now .

Telephone sessions and training courses are accepted.

What is Seed Clearing?

It was chosen by everyone, and the appraisal result exceeded 20,000 people!Telephone sessions and training courses are accepted.

Become a spiritual counselor who can solve any trouble!

Our spiritual counselor training courses

More than 1,500 graduates . (As of the end of FISCAL 2020)

More than 20,000 counselors have been appraised by the association. (2011 to 2021)

Seed Clearing

You can learn all over the country.

Technology that turns not only yourself but also your loved ones into smiles.

Why don't you take a peek into the spiritual magical world?

We provide you with a safe and accurate program.

We will teach you the professional skills of spiritual counselors.

You can learn the invisible world theoretically.

We will support all students with thorough after-sales follow-up.


Are you full of your hard work?

a mental disorder

✅ Stress

✅ Trauma

✅ Anxiety and worries about the future

✅ Irritated

✅ Mental illness

Physical disorders

✅ Rough skin

✅ Stiff shoulders and low back pain

✅ Unwell

✅ Insomnia

✅ They are prone to fatigue

There are ways to protect your mind and care for your body anytime, anywhere


 The stress you're having, the trauma you've had for years, your weak consciousness,

Now there's a way to let go.

Envy, jealousy, hatred...

If you can heal that feeling,

Don't you think you can live more easily?

With seed clearing, in just a few tens of seconds,

You can let go of your negative emotions.

It's like magic...

In the sooner or later, unpleasant emotions disappear naturally.

Seed clearing is completely different from previous counseling techniques.

It is an epoch-making counseling method.

If you smile, the people around you turn into smiles.

Of course, we also accept people who have mental illness.

If you have trouble with depression or panic disorder, please feel free to contact us.

Overwhelming solution power! Three pillars of seed clearing

 ☆... What seed clearing aims for... ☆

Filled with love, share love

Fight with love, live with love

Beginner's program ...

Seed clearing will be available from that day.

Intermediate program ...

As a spiritual counselor, you can cover the knowledge you need, and you can learn how to counsel your heart's disease and your marriage sessions.

Advanced program ...

You can learn work specialized not only for mental care but also for body care.

Would you like to start a stress free life today?

For those who did not change no matter what they did

 Seed clearing is your strong ally to live in a stress society.

If there is a spiritual counselor in the family who can clear the seeds

You can solve the problems of the whole family at any time.

Why don't you learn seed clearing?

What is the subconscious?

I don't know reading,

I'm not confident, I can't seem to be spiritual...

Even such a person is okay!

You can ask questions at any time.

So I don't know, it doesn't end without being able to.

You can continue with peace of mind even after graduation.

We will follow students with a thorough follow-up system.

7 Features of Seed Clearing

 ☑ Point 1! 

The speed and speed of overwhelming change!

☑ Point 2!

It takes only a few tens of seconds to solve one's troubles!

☑ Point 3!

Without touching the other person's "body",

You can do a session without reading!

☑ Point 4!

Everyone can experience the change of emotion "immediately" and "on the spot"!

☑ Point 5!

We also accept people with mental illnesses such as depression and panic disorder!

☑ Point 6!

Safe skills with no side effects or improvement reactions.

☑ Point 7!

It can respond not only to mental care, but also to physical disorders and spiritual factors.

There is no such thing ...(laughs)

If you think, by all means,

Check out the session today.

For those who want to work as a spiritual counselor

How to become a Spiritual Counselor

This skill is really enough.

What are the programs from beginner to advanced?

It consists of three programs: mental care× body care× spiritual,

Required for spiritual counselors

From basic to applied safe and reliable technology

You can learn in a short period of time.

I would recommend it to you with confidence!

A skill of things that can not be deprived of anyone for a lifetime.

spirituals that tend to be seen as unrealistic

Theoretically, you can learn calmly,

You can see how familiar it is and how it relates to everyone.

Even those who are not confident

If you have this skill,

Confident as a professional counselor

Counseling can be.

It is the best technology to adjust your own condition.

After graduation, we support those who want to be active as professional spiritual counselors.

The road to seed clearing  development

Seed clearing was born out of developer LillyAlba's troubles

Counseling skills.

"The insomnia I suffered for many years healed in just one week."

"In the midst of being busy with work, housework, and childcare

Women in the prime of life are under a lot of stress.

I used to have stress and had been suffering from insomnia for many years. Severe allergies, migraines, stiff shoulders, always unwell ....

What saved me from that was the clearing method using spirituality and subconscious. Since then, I have never had insomnia, and I have become healthy both physically and mentally.
In addition, allergic rhinitis which was terrible enough not to sleep without nasal medicine and urticaria of unknown cause did not occur at all, it was liberated from the chronic illness suffered for many years, and even the cold was not caught now. Then came seed clearing, which was researched and systematized its own counseling program. More than 2,000 counseling methods using seed clearing have been implemented annually, and there have been more than 20,000 cases so far.
We also actively accept counseling for people with mental illnesses such as depression and panic disorder.